Jumat, 29 Februari 2008

PIAA 85110 115db 400HZ + 500HZ Sports Horn

Product Description
Universal PIAA automotive sport horns PIAA high performance automotive horn upgrade / replacement. Compact and lightweight design to fit your cars, trucks or SUVs. High performance auto horn rated at 500Hz and 400Hz with 115db. The PIAA sports horn can be easily install in your vehicle. The custom PIAA auto horns have an all weather shield guard to protect it from water, snow, duct, and dirt to enter the horn. The PIAA Sports Horn comes complete with one (1) 500Hz horn, one (1) 400Hz horn and installation instructions. No wiring harness is required. Can be install in any cars, trucks, and SUVs. PIAA Sports Horn for most vehicles Features:-- Getting attention around you.-- Includes one 500Hz and one 400Hz horn-- Powerful 115db Dual Tone. -- Weather Resistant Cover.-- Easy Installation. -- Super Light Weight. Install the PIAA Sports Horn in place of the factory horn(s). Do NOT use the PIAA Sports Horn with the factory horn doing as may violate local nose regulations. Installation instructions for the PIAA Sports Horn click here.

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